Secondary Distribution


24 KV
1250 A
20-25 kA

Medium Voltage airinsulated Switchboards for the electric distribution in industrial plants and in the service sector. They are equipped with vacuum or sf6 circuit-breakers and with air-insulated rotary disconnectors / isolators . A wide range of transformer boxes is available.

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Medium Voltage Switchgear for indoor use made by standardised units housing vacuum or gas SF6 circuitbreakers, rotary type air insulated switch-disconnectors / isolators and air earthing switches. They are used in Medium Voltage secondary power distribution mainly for transformer substations for control and protection of feeders and power transformers.


  • Reduced overall dimensions allowing installation in small rooms. They can be installed against the wall. All equipment operations are carried out from the front of the switchboard.
  • Maximum service reliability: segregations between the different compartments allow to operate in a short time when switchboard alive to replace components such as fuses, meauring transormers or cable ends.
  • Personnel safety: guaranteed by mechanical interlocks preventing from any possibility of wrong operations. The switchboard is provided with grounding of the whole structure and components.
  • Versatility : access to equipment controls is easily allowed at the front by removing the closing panel of the control mechanism only; it is therefore possible to maintain and install components such as trip coils, auxiliary contacts, key locks, even though the switchgear is energized.
  • Easy transport and installation: the switchboards are completely assembled and tested in our factory and are provided with lifting eye bolts. Anchoring to the floor can be easily done using expanding bolts.
  • Inspection and maintenance: inspection of equipment when switchboard is energized is facilitated by portholes placed on the front door of the unit. Condition of equipment is signalled by mechanical indicators placed on the front of the operating mechanism.


The switchgear complies with the:
• IEC 62271 – 200 • EN 62271 - 200 Standards
In particular, the switchgear is defined as follows :

  • service continuity LSC2A
  • partitions: PM ( Partitions Metallic )


The rated service characteristics are guaranteed under the following limit conditions:

  • Minimum ambient temperature – 5 °C
  • Maximum ambient temperature + 40 °C
  • Maximum rel.humidity without condensation 95%
  • Altitude up to 1.000 m a.s.l.